May we all see clearly for our children
SeeMee "Says!"

May we all see better and live better for our children!


Childhood health and wellnes

Its SeeMee the Bunny's mission to promote childhood health and wellness by reminding parents and children in a thoughtful and simple way to talk to each other. To remind parents and children to take note of each other and to "see" each other.

So many childhood anxiety and fears and worries can be alleviated early in life by simply remembering to talk and to "see" your child. To engage your son or daughter in dialogue that tells them you care and see who they are.

As a woman who developed chronic anxiety and panic attacks due to being an unseen child; it would have made all the differrence in the world to have been seen and noticed by my parents.

Through SeeMee, the bunny, we can show children that it is okay to ask to have their needs met and to be comforted! Childhood is rough enough without having a voice in which to express themselves.

This simple concept, put into action, would have produced monumental differences in my own life and I believe had I been seen by my parents in my childhood I would not have suffered for decades with an anxiety condition. 

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Childhood health and wellness Talk to each other "See" each other



childhood health and wellness childhood health and wellness childhood health and wellness

Childhood anxiety Childhood anxiety Childhood anxiety Talk to each other Talk to each other Talk to each other